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 Dissatisfied with Xero?

Facing Integration Challenges?

Dealing with Data Inaccuracy?

Bogged Down by Reporting Limitations?

Sound familiar?

Discover the answers in our comprehensive comparison guide, which breaks down Xero and Business Central, helping you identify the
ideal solution for your business.

What makes Microsoft a Xero competitor?

Upgrade your business, simplify your life.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a strong competitor to Xero due to its comprehensive business management capabilities, scalability, industry-specific solutions, advanced features, and integration with Microsoft tools. It is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a versatile and adaptable business management solution.

D365 Business Central

Includes pre-built reporting features and a user-friendly report customization tool for your convenience.

The adaptable structure provides a solid foundation, enabling the incorporation of supplementary modules as needs change over time.

Efficiently consolidates multiple companies operating in various currencies

Effortlessly integrates with the complete range of Microsoft offerings, including Word, Excel, and Power BI.


Basic invoicing, payment and payroll design

Crafted with startups in mind

User-friendly for single legal entities

Comes with standard reporting features

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